Integration = Advantage

Looking to integrate or upgrade an existing system?

System modernization can be a costly endeavor; however, installing a digital building automation system offers many opportunities to save in the form of reduced energy bills and a greater reduction in overall facility management costs.  The Tridium NiagraAX® supervisory controller is a single platform interface that manages HVAC, lighting, security, and fire protection systems ensuring your building runs efficiently, by providing essential instrumentation and control.  Utilizing the flexibility of the Tridium NiagraAX® open source platform, S&W Controls can seamlessly integrate almost any  combination of different manufacturers controls. Regardless of the communication protocol, we create a completely integrated building automation and energy management solution at a manageable cost to our customers.

Looking to install a new system?

Utilizing the JCI Facility Explorer line of controls in conjunction with the web based, open source Tridium NiagraAX® platform for supervisory functions, S&W Controls technicians are able to design and or install control systems of any size. Our highly qualified technicians efficiently install systems ranging from single standalone units to a completely networked building automation system.

S&W Controls’ expert staff brings specialized knowledge to the installation and maintenance of your control systems. Our superior customer care streamlines your building automation modernization project.

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